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New Release from Pipp Gillette


Guy and Pipp Gillette
Small Town Days and Nights

$15.00 with tax $16.24

Remastered form origional 1980's album


The Camp Streeters
new CD

$15.00 with tax $16.24

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Gillette Brothers
New CD
Leaving Cheyenne

Gillette Brothers: Leaving Cheyenne

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Home Ranch

Available in Cassette
and double cd below

Cinch up Your Riggin

Available in Cassette
and double cd below


Lone Star Trail

Available in
CD & Cassette

Live from the Camp St. Cafe

Available in 
CD only

Ridin' With Dayton
Available in
CD only

2 CD re-mastered, reissue of

Home Ranch
Cinch Up Your Riggin'

Many Long Miles To Ride
Available in
CD only

Cowboys Minstrels and Medicine Shows
Available in
CD only

Cowboys Minstrels and Medicine Shows
Winner of the Western Heritage Award for Best Triditional Western CD of 2010

"Cowboys Minstrels and Medicine Shows

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Sample Clips

Home Ranch

Cinch up Your Riggin

Back Porch Blues  
696 KB

The Gal I left Behind Me 
380 KB

That's the way
the girls are from Texas 
542 KB
Gee, but Life is Funny 
365 KB
Lone Star Trail Live from Camp Street
Sam Bass 
789 KB
Long Summer Day 
529 KB
Small town days and nights 
368 KB
447 KB

Ridin' With Dayton Many Long Miles To Ride
Ridin' With Dayton
587 KB
Diamond Joe 
927 KB
Summer Rain
1,116 KB
The Old Chisholm Trail 
862 KB
Cowboys Minstrels and Medicine Shows The Campstreeters Live

Old Dan Tucker
501 KB

Lightnin' Boogie
916 KB

Streets of Laredo
350 KB

Sugar Babe
827 KB

Don't Leave Me Here
730 KB

All samples are in mp3 format  -  download via dialup may take up to three minutes per clip.

Rhythm Bones

Musical bones hand made from cow ribs 

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Link to Pipp's Decoys

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Family of the Land


Won the Wrangler Award for best photography book in 2013
from  the
National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

True West Magazine chose it as the best
Cowboy Photography Book in 2013


Settlers of the Western Woods


Texas Cowboy Cooking


Since he first dreamed of a career in photography,
Guy Gillette has traveled regularly to his wife’s family’s ranch,
located outside the small town of Crockett, Texas.
When Gillette first came to the Porter Place,
as the ranch has always been known, he began to photograph
the Porter family and their land. Thanks to Gillette’s sense
of composition, these wonderful black-and-white photographs,
dating from the 1940s, led to his career as a magazine photographer.
Collected here for the first time, they document small-town
life in East Texas, where Guy Gillette’s sons, the musical duo
the Gillette Brothers, still run cattle. A Family of the Land
offers a portrait of a community over a half century during which
remarkably little has changed.

Settlers of the Western Woods

Settlers of the Western Woods, contains 25 songs with corresponding mini-chapters in a
116 page hardbound book.
Although Tom Perini, proprietor of the Perini Ranch Steakhouse in Buffalo Gap (pop. 499), Texas, has gained national fame for his cuisine, he's quick to remind people that he's just a "cowboy cook."

"I don't do any 'plate drawing', where they drizzle sauces to 'paint' your dish," Perini drawls as he pushes back his ever-present cowboy hat. "If you find a leaf on one of my plates, you send it back! I want to do real food that looks good and tastes good and that you can recognize."


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Lightnin' Hopkins: His Life and Blues


American Legend:
The Real-Life Adventures of
David Crockett


In only the second biographical book on seminal blues guitarist-singer Hopkins (see Sarah Ann West, Deep Down Hard Blues, 1995), Govenar traces Hopkins’ long, twisting route to worldwide fame. Leaving home when still a child, Hopkins spent most of his life pursuing the sex-and-drinks-and-blues lifestyle that preceded the sex-and-drugs-and-rock-’n’-roll model, at least in the popular imagination. Apparently dubbed Lightnin’ at his 1946 first recording session, the moniker wasn’t, as oft-rumored, a tribute to his guitar stylings but made to go with session-mate Wilson Smith being called Thunder. Govenar finds that much else of what fans think they know about Hopkins doesn’t stand up to investigation, yet in pursuit of the truth via extensive interviews with family and friends, he turns up many nuggets as satisfying as the dispelled myths and inconsistencies. His detailed examination of how the delightfully cantankerous Hopkins rode the folk music craze of the early 1960s to rediscovery and a second, probably more remunerative recording career should be a cornerstone of blues-covering pop-music collections. --Mike Tribby

  What most baby boomers know about the legendary frontier figure David “Davy” Crockett has been gleaned from the Walt Disney movie and television series starring Fess Parker. In American Legend: The Real-Life Adventures of David Crockett, WSU English professor Buddy Levy presents a fuller profile of the man who made Tennessee famous in the early 1800s. It’s not just a master heroic outdoorsman who emerges; the consummate politician and ferocious fighter for underdog causes shines through as well.

Born August 17, 1786, Davy Crockett found his independent spirit and developed his frontier skills on the open road at the age of 14, when he ran away from home for two years. It was a scenario that repeated itself over the course of his lifetime, as Crockett went from adventure to adventure—on the rugged frontier, into the hallowed halls of the U.S. House of Representatives, and to his death at the Alamo on March 6, 1836.

This may be the definitive story of Crockett’s life, more so than Crockett’s own 1834 autobiography, in which he capitalized on his own pop-culture hero status rampant at the time. Levy has obviously researched every inch of Crockett’s life but is careful he doesn’t let myth overpower the truth, even though it’s obvious Levy admires his subject.

Still, American Legend is not without its dramatic moments. Crockett’s killing of a 600-pound black bear depicted on page 109 is as thrilling as any fictionalized adventure story.


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Davy Crocketts Fiddle CD

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T Shirts


S, M, L, XL, and XXL.




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Camp Street Cup

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$6.95 Each

Sam Houston Print
18 X 20


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