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Camp Street Schedule 
Printable Schedule

Tune into the Camp Street Cafe & Store Music hour.
 Every Saturday morning at 8:30 on KIVY 92.7 FM

All shows start at 8:00 PM unless otherwise mentioned

Children 12 and under are Free
Accompanied by Adult

New reservation policy at Camp Street Cafe.
Reservations will guarantee the reservation holder a seat,
but not a specific seat. Seating will be general admission,
first come first serve, with doors opening at 7:00pm


Saturday, August 16
Ganey Arsement

Friday, September 12
Albert & Gage

Saturday, September 13
The Camp Streeters


Saturday, October 11
Colin Gilmore & Nicolette Good



The David Crockett Old Time Music Society
Open Mic / Jam
7:00pm - $2.00

Saturday, July 5th

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Ganey Arsement
Saturday, August 16

$16.50 (tax and handling included)

Don’t let the presence of a few French lyrics fool you. The Cajun music tradition that Ganey is rooted in is a true art form of American Roots, or Americana music.
It was born as a result of a culture that was forced to assimilate into American culture.

A twenty year veteran in the Cajun music industry,
Ganey has shared the stage with some of the most revered names in the genre.
A former member of the bands Balfa Toujours and the Basin Brothers, Ganey has performed with Jo-EL Sonnier, Doug Kershaw, Wayne Toups, Steve Riley and Dirk Powell.

Ganey’slatest album, Le Forgeron, is an intentional giant step into Americana. 
Influenced by the music of Sonnier and Kershaw in the eighties and nineties,
as well as the music of Jimmy C. Newman, the CD covers a broad spectrum of genres ranging from Cajun, Zydeco, Blues, Country and Texas Swing.

There are nine original tunes on Le Forgeron. The album is roughly 50/50 French and English, but most will tell you,
you don’t have to understand the lyrics to understand the emotion.
This has been evidenced by the album reaching  as high as #22 on the Roots 66 Alternative Radio chart.

The production of Le Forgeron was funded in part by the Louisiana Division of the Arts which recognized Ganey as a valuable asset to the musical community of Louisiana
and awarded him with the “Artist Career Advancement” grant.

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Albert & Gage
Friday, September 12

CD Release Party & Christine Albert's Birthday

$22.00 (tax and handling included)

In Austin, Texas—a town overflowing
with gifted singer/songwriters and guitar players—Christine
Albert & Chris Gage have a long track record of making beautiful
music together, although both musicians' individual pedigrees are
far more extensive. Over the course of six duet albums, the duo
has demonstrated that disparate backgrounds do not preclude musical
soul mates from finding one another.

The Houston Press noted, “From George Jones and Tammy Wynette to
Richard and Linda Thompson, male-female duets are one of popular
music's most delightful permutations.
And the Austin-based duo of Christine Albert and Chris Gage easily
slot right in with the best.”

Onstage, Albert's slender, dark beauty contrasts strikingly with
Gage's craggy good looks and how gracefully they complement each
other is easily apparent. In 2003 Albert and Gage released
their first live recording, Albert and Gage at Anderson Fair. Dirty
Linen commented that the set, which is reflective of their
typical live performances, had “energy, humor, really fine duet
singing, strong leads, original harmonies, a strong sense of
partnership, personality, and musicality” and Sing Out! called it
“a cohesive and exciting exploration of the roots of popular,
mostly American, music”.

Gage is a journeyman musician and South Dakota native who literally
began touring in a station wagon at age 15. In the
mid-Seventies and early Eighties he led the popular Midwestern
country-swing Red Willow Band, whose reunion shows still draw
thousands of devoted fans. From there he graduated to an
eight-year tenure on piano with guitar virtuoso and country star Roy
Clark, which included appearances on Hee Haw, The Tonight Show and
The Grand Ole Opry. After moving to Austin in 1991, Gage began
commuting to San Antonio to take the reins as musical director
for the Fiesta Texas theme park.

But it was during (and following) his next incarnation, as
bandleader for West Texas alt.-country singer/songwriter Jimmie
Dale Gilmore, that he began to carve out his own place in the
Austin scene as an in-demand session player, accompanist and
producer. It was with Gilmore that Christine first heard Chris
play and in 1997 Albert & Gage was formed. The duo later toured
as an opening act for Gilmore and as members of his ensemble.

Christine cut her musical teeth in northern New Mexico after
moving west from her childhood home in upstate New York. Along
with old friend and fellow New Mexico chanteuse Eliza Gilkyson
(whom she also cites as an early influence and inspiration),
Albert relocated to Austin in 1982 and began to distinguish
herself as a singer-songwriter in a town where the bar for such
artists is set very high indeed.

Christine Albert's French grandmother lived in Paris and her mother
was born in Switzerland, so perhaps it's inevitable that the
occasional Edith Piaf song migrates into her sets of original
material and carefully chosen covers.
She has recorded a series of acclaimed albums of lovely Franco-Lone
Star fusion - Texafrance(1992), Texafrance-Encore (2003) and
Paris, Texafrance (2008).

Christine released several other solo albums during the years
before she met Chris, and had established a solid name on the
Texas scene. She was voted Female Vocalist of the Year in the
Kerrville Music Awards poll and has appeared on Austin City
Limits. A longtime community activist, Albert is also
cofounder/president of “Swan Songs”, a non-profit that fulfills
musical last wishes by organizing private concerts for
individuals with a terminal illness. Ms. Albert currently
serves as a Trustee on the National Board of Trustees of The
Recording Academy.

With the exception of 1997’s Jumpin’ Tracks, Albert and
Gage’s albums have been recorded at their own MoonHouse Studio
(a commercial facility in south Austin) and released on the
artist owned MoonHouse Records. Chris maintains a busy studio
schedule and over the years they have expanded MoonHouse Records
with Gage productions by Cowboy Johnson, Michael Austin and Abi
Tapia. Gage also plays lead guitar in Texas legend Jerry Jeff
Walker’s band and is prominently featured on Walker’s latest
CD, Moon Child; Christine also makes an appearance and sings a duet
with Jerry Jeff of “San Antone Rose” by Susanna

The duo’s most recent CD, Dakota Lullaby (2009), features twelve
songs by an unheralded songwriter from South Dakota – Tom
Peterson. The CD landed in the top 40 on the Americana Music
chart and the Top 20 on the EuroAmericana and US Folk-DJ charts.
FAME described it as “a pure, unadulterated labor of
love…Albert & Gage, obviously on the same page at all times,
blend voices effortlessly, fluctuating between smooth country and
western swing like they were born to it. Beneath those voices
Gage placed a bang-up group of sidemen most musicians would kill
for and handled production like the pro he has become.”

Christine Albert and Chris Gage are well respected, seasoned music
business veterans, but the joy they experience making music
together is fresh and infectious. “They can rock, boogie,
swing, trot down country roads and stride down sophisticated
boulevards and make it all sound as it should: like parts of a
unified whole rather than a mishmash of different styles.
Albert and Gage have global class, musicality and charm.” (Houston
Press) You can’t ask for more than that.

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The Camp Streeters
Saturday, September 13

$16.50 (tax and handling included)


Pipp Gillette...drums and vocals
Steve James....electric guitar and vocals

East Texas Juke Joint Music

Named for their home base in Crockett, Texas, this duo carries on one
of the missions of the Camp Street Cafe;playing and singing a heady
mixture of East Texas blues, country and roots music.
Friends since their teens, Steve and Pipp have always shared a love
of music in general, and the sounds of Texas icons like
Lightnin'Hopkins and Mance Lipscomb in particular.
"That's what we're goin'for," says guitarist James, "that basic Brazos
bottoms boogie and all that crazy two-beat stuff that crawled out of
the swamp a hundred years ago.
Ever since we were kids, I dug Pipp's singing and drumming; so when
he told me he wanted to get back on the skins, I was, like...Yeah!"

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Colin Gilmore & Nicolette Good
Saturday, October 11

$16.50 (tax and handling included)


Colin Gilmore and Nicolette Good
Colin Gilmore, a Lubbock native, spent many nights as a child in nightclubs like Stubbs, where he witnessed songwriters like Joe Ely, Terry Allen, and his own father,
Jimmie Dale Gilmore, bring the stage to life. He developed a taste for Buddy Holly,
Townes Van Zandt, and bands like The Clash and The Pogues, and he has been writing, performing and touring for more than a decade.

Colin’s album Goodnight Lane earned critical acclaim, including 4-star reviews in Mojo and Uncut.
Fans across the globe took note of his songwriting that emphasizes uniqueness and truth,
and his star quality is both understated and real.

Colin's latest release, The Wild and Hollow, recorded in Austin and Chicago, showcases rich arrangements and
instrumentation while still leaning on Colin’s roots rock and singer/songwriter foundation.
Read more about Colin at, or find him on Facebook at happiergilmore.

Nicolette Good is a San Antonio-based singer/songwriter and a winner of the 2012 Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk competition.

Her 2012 album, Monarch, includes tracks like “Marathon” that earned her a spot on the docu-reality TV show, Troubadour, TX in 2011.
The album was named a top 12 album of 2012 by the San Antonio Current and leans heavily on rich lyrics, ethereal vocal melodies and truthful characters.
Critics have called her “a songwriter to follow” and “a poet of the first order,” making her feel right at home in listening rooms and intimate venues.

A music student since the age of 5, Nicolette most recently was chosen as a fellow in The Lighthouse Works artist residency program on Fishers Island, NY.
For six weeks she worked on songwriting in the remote island community.
There, she also mentored a 17-year-old high school girl named Olivia, helping her write her first-ever song and performing it for the community.

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